Monday, March 3, 2014


Today we will look at a treasured location in Jamaica known as Treasure Beach which is located within the parish of St. Elizabeth. Treasure Beach is regarded in Jamaica as having some of the most friendliest, hardest working people on the island. My research on the area reveal that the locals in this area may have inherited their work ethics from the generations of fishermen and farmers who lived in this region long before them. The locals tells me that this sense of pride in their work and heritage allows living in the vicinity of Treasure Beach to welcome travelers to this region.

Let me give you a little backdrop on the history of the area. There is much documented historical evidence that the first residents of Treasure Beach were the Tainos Indians who came to the island of Jamaica approximately in 700 AD. These Tainos believed in the community living in a society in which women's tasks were to gather foodstuff and men has the easier tasks as fishermen, farmers and hunters. Sadly, the Tainos’ existence ended when they were captured and enslaved by the Spanish who came to Jamaica. Most Tainos died whilst been enslaved,  some were able to escape in boats and made it to parts of the Americas where you can still find remnants of Tainos communities. 

I am also told by a close friend of mine who is a Jamaican historian that  during the 1600s a Scottish ship sank offshore of the island and the survivors, made their home on the island. It came to pass in those days that  these people fraternized with the natives resulting  with offspring with lighter skin, blue and green eyes, and red and blond hair. This is why some St Elizabeth people are brown skin and men leave from all over Jamaica to "look" St. Bets girls.

Fishing is the major industry in Treasure Beach. Longtime residents will be able to tell you stories of several generations of fishermen dating back 200 years. A good number of the local fishermen make their living on the Cays, Farming is the region's next biggest industry. The parish of St. Elizabeth is dubbed “The Bread Basket of Jamaica” this is because they source Jamaica with a steady supply of grains.

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