Saturday, March 1, 2014


Recently I noticed there are a number of people who are interested in starting a business in Jamaica who were making inquiries of what Jamaican sector they possibly "do a thing". I did some research and found that Jamaican Tourism has overtaken a number of other industries which props up the national economy, and as you guess tourism is Jamaica's single largest export industry. Another thing that I have noticed, over the last decade the profile of the travelers coming to Jamaica has changed. Previously, the travelers were predominantly from the top end of the market, however, the trend is now a flow of budget tourists who are looking for other aspects of Jamaica's unique lifestyle and our culture.

Saying all that to say that, most tourist facilities are run as a small business and, now more than ever presents unique opportunities for new innovative recreation services and tourism facilities, These opportunities I identify as:- Nature Based Tours and Eco-Tourism, Cultural Diversity and Heritage Tours & Excursions, Farmers diversifying their business base to include farm visits and explaining Jamaica Agriculture, the organisation of Special Events like Reggae Concerts/Cruise, Sporting Events Cooking Tours/Cruise.

From all these business opportunities I referred to would generate services opportunities such as Souvenirs and Tourism Products, Promotion and Marketing, Staff Training and Business Advice services. So to conclude, in my opinion, Jamaica does currently presents opportunities for persons interested in starting small business in the tourism and recreation sector. 

What other small business opportunities do you see in Jamaica? #jamaicabusinesses #jamaicaheritage #jamaicaculture #jamaicatourism  #jamaicatours #jamaicafarmers 

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