Saturday, March 8, 2014


Jamaicans are one of a kind and a visit to Jamaica would not be complete without meeting with the locals. When you talk with the locals you will notice that there is a national pride from them about the love of their country. It is great to hear locals speaking in our Jamaican dialect which is a colorful dialect full of fun phrases like ,"ya mon, no problem and irie.

Our motto is out of many one people and Jamaicans are a blend of African, European and other cultures that contribute to a vibrant creative spirit that is reflected in our  culture, heritage, art, music, food and their positive irie outlook on life.I one of my previous blog I defended Jamaican tourist vendors who have been accused and given a bad reputation for trying to sell their souvenirs to tourists in an aggressive manner. However, the majority of our people are polite and lovely to struck up a conversation. with. #jamaica #montegobay #ochorios #holiday #tourexcursion #traveltojamaica#jamaicagetallright #airporttransfers Visit for 4 Bedroom Villa sleep 9 persons in Montego bay Jamaica.