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Sugar cane is a member of the grass family and its juice has a high potency equivalent to wheatgrass juice however it comes with less chlorophyll and a little more sugar content.  Sugar cane juice contains only about fifteen percent total sugar content, all of which is in a raw unrefined form.  The rest of the juice consists of water brimming with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Sugar cane is rich in calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.  It also contains iron and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, antioxidants, proteins, soluble fiber and numerous other health supportive compounds. These nutrients provide a health-promoting food which has been studied for its role in fighting cancer, stabilizing blood sugar levels in diabetics, assisting in weight loss, reducing fevers, clearing the kidneys, preventing tooth decay, and a host of other health benefits. #jamaica #jamaicatours #jamaicaairporttransfers #montegobay #montegobayvacationrental.Visit

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Have you ever walked through one of the local Jamaican markets and wished that you could have the skill of making some of the phenomenal crafts they sell? 
Jamaica is well known to have a strong artistic and cultural community and the craft industry supports the market artisans, who are skilled in basket-weaving. Do you support these artist by purchasing their products?   #jamaica  #montegobay    #vacationrental #selfcateringvilla   #montegobayvilla #montegobayairporttransfers   #montegobaytours  visit

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I attended an Agro-Tourism Farmers’ Market on Wednesday which was held at the Catherine Hall Stadium, in Montego Bay, St. James. The event was aimed at strengthening the links between the tourism industry and other private and public sectors and in my opinion creates a fantastic marketing opportunity for the farmers to dispose of their local produce and for tourists to see, sample and interacted with the locals.

I am advised that there are future plans for this event to be marketed as a calendar one, to be held on the last Wednesday of each month in #Montegobay, to which both #cruiseship passengers and visitors in the hotels would be encouraged to attend.

There was some guests staying at Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa and I took them over to the market where they walked around and sample some Jamaican fruits, and they also purchase gift items from the craft vendors.

I was very impressed with the day’s activities, especially the venue chosen.
I liked that the booths were properly laid out and the farmers have come out in their numbers, and I was very impressed with the quantity and the quality of the produce that is on sale. And guess who was there as the MC? ... Barry G

I am advised that similar Agro-Tourism Farmers’ Markets will to be held in other resort areas such as #Negril and #Ocho Rios. 
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Monday, March 24, 2014

BEACH LIFE IN NEGRIL JAMAICA, Come and feel alright

Negril Sunset Tour from Montego Bay. Book now and enjoy Paradise Palms Jamaica Negril Sunset Tour from Montego Bay. Our drivers will pick you up promptly from your hotel in Montego Bay and heads westward on a scenic drive to Negril, famous for it's Seven Miles of white sandy beaches and one of the most spectacular sunsets that attracts people from all over the world, Your first stop takes you to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville located along the 7 miles Beach in Negril, there you can relax and enjoy some entertaining music while you sip Rum and Cola, Red Strip Beer or Pena Colada, alternatively you can  just relax in the sun and get a tan while reading a book or join in in on other activities on the beach like a game of volley ball or play some beach football. You will also get the opportunity to shop at Negril local Craft Market or Duty Free Stores for souvenirs that will remind you of your visit to spectacular Negril, Jamaica.
After your shopping you can top the evening with a visit the world famous Ritz CafĂ© located at the west end of Negril where you can watch other engaging spectacular world class dives and jump off the cliffs, or just relax and listen to the resident band playing Bob Marley and other reggae songs while you wait to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Now you know why they say it the layed back capital of Jamaica, our Negril Hightlights and Sunset Tour is a must for all the family and friends visiting Jamaica http://pp-jamaica-tours  #jamaicatours #jamaicavilla #selfcatering  #vacationrental #jamaicasaccommodation #traveltojamaica #jamaicagetalright

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Nothing is more IRIE than stretching out and relaxing in a warm patch of the Jamaican sun especially by any of Jamaica's beaches. Come and visit us and you can always sprinkle your island vacation in Jamaica with a dash of adventure. Jamaica is known worldwide as the land of wood and water and  our Jamaica’s forests feature the opportunity for hiking and bird watching. 

If you like historical site you can check out heritage sites like the town of Trelawny. If you are into reggae and dancehall music and the vibes on the island you will love the authentic music playing everywhere you go on the island. Wherever you go, you must visit Montego Bay and Negril Resorts which are perfect for snorkeling and other #watersportsactivities and also for doing your gifts shopping. Lets not forget the spas of Ocho Rios which can make any stresses melt away while you continue to enjoy the island. For more jamaica riddim see our blog at  Paradise Palms Jamaica offers airport transportation and Tour Excursions in Jamaica see us at #jamaica #airporttransfers #modelsinjamaica #tourexcursions #dunnriverfalls#negril #ochorios #selfcateringinmontegobay #montegobayvilla

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Most Jamaicans are able to produce their own food, such as sugar cane, bananas, and citrus fruits. We use these products in trade as well as for our own purpose. We grow a great deal of domestic crops in our back yard as well as small grounds away from the home. Some of the food that we produce are corn, vegetables, fruits, cassava, yam, cocoes, dasheeen, and sweet potatoes. 

Rice is an important food to us Jamaicans, however we are forced to import grains from Guyana. Also, beef cattle, pigs, poultry, fish, and goats are a significant part of the Jamaican food consumption. Some people are able to raise cows, goats, pigs and chickens themselves. Most of the meat consumed in Jamaica are imported or grown by a few local livestock farmers. #jamaica #montegobay #ochorios #holiday #tourexcursion #traveltojamaica #jamaicagetallright #airporttransfers Visit for 4 Bedroom Villa sleep 9 persons in Montego bay Jamaica.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I strongly believe that Jamaica is the modeling capital of the Caribbean. I make the statement as the island has some scenic Jaw-dropping natural backdrops everywhere. I am proud to say that we attracts the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue twice (1983 and and I believe in 2007), the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders 2010 calendar shoot, and numerous others over the years. 

Jamaica also has sexy homegrown talent the likes of Yendi Phillips and April Jackson to name a few is quite an attraction in and of itself. Professional models fashion shoots for music videos and fashion magazines are taken place across the island all the time, so don’t be surprised to see yourself in the background of a shooting on the beach or at a water during your next Jamaica adventure. 

You can ensure a visit the island’s annual Caribbean Fashion Week celebration, which is held annually in the island capital, Kingston. If you would like to keep up with the latest in Caribbean fashions, designs, labels and the who’s who of the Caribbean fashion world then I invite you to take a trip down to JAMDOWN. For more jamaica riddim see our blog at PPJTours offers airport transportation and Tour Excursions in jamaica see us at  #jamaica #airporttransfers #modelsinjamaica #tourexcursions #dunnriverfalls #negril #ochorios #bobmarleytour

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Why are Jamaicans such happy people? Well, for starters we have strong family bonds, emotional well-being from positive constructive leisure like going to beach, dancing to reggae music, humor, a spiritual base of faith, freedom of movement and good health. These are some of those qualities which I have observed to constitute the happiness which you will see transcends from our Jamaican people.
We do have issues here like corruption, however despite these problems, the Jamaican government is able  is able to maintain some of the best levels of health in the developing world, which is evidence by our high average life expectancy. Let's also not forget that we are also able to maintain a good level of ecological footprint, which puts Jamaica towards the top of the Happy Planet Index (HPI) table. The HPI measures happiness levels in relation to a country’s consumption of its natural resources. Its aim is to prove that you can be happy without destroying the planet.
The West and the developing countries tend to sacrifice things that are important in life such as families, friends, and time in the chase for money and career progression. The question is, If we become rich at the expense of the planet, what good is that? The HPI is a refreshing and practical measurement which balances our health, quality of life, and our effects on the earth. I refer  to this as  the "new economics". #jamaica   #montegobay     #ochorios  #holiday #tourexcursion #traveltojamaica#jamaicagetallright #airporttransfers for 4 Bedroom Villa sleep 9 persons in Montego bay Jamaica.

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Jamaicans are one of a kind and a visit to Jamaica would not be complete without meeting with the locals. When you talk with the locals you will notice that there is a national pride from them about the love of their country. It is great to hear locals speaking in our Jamaican dialect which is a colorful dialect full of fun phrases like ,"ya mon, no problem and irie.

Our motto is out of many one people and Jamaicans are a blend of African, European and other cultures that contribute to a vibrant creative spirit that is reflected in our  culture, heritage, art, music, food and their positive irie outlook on life.I one of my previous blog I defended Jamaican tourist vendors who have been accused and given a bad reputation for trying to sell their souvenirs to tourists in an aggressive manner. However, the majority of our people are polite and lovely to struck up a conversation. with. #jamaica #montegobay #ochorios #holiday #tourexcursion #traveltojamaica#jamaicagetallright #airporttransfers Visit for 4 Bedroom Villa sleep 9 persons in Montego bay Jamaica.

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Jamaica Cruise Excursions one Jamaica's trusted Cruise Shore Excursions providers from Jamaica three Cruise Ports, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Falmouth. Tours offers a fantastic selection of popular Cruise Shore Excursions activities and tours from Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Falmouth such as Dunns River Falls, Horse Back Riding, River Tubing, Parasailing, Snorkelling, Island Tours, Parasailing, Beaches, Museums (Bob Marley) and more activities, tours and excursions!! We work hard to ensure that by booking on our cruise shore excursion that this will be the most enjoyable and memorable destination of your Caribbean Cruise.

Cruise Shore Excursions

By booking your personalised Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Falmouth Cruise Shore Excursion will not only definitely save you money but it will provide you with the option of experiencing a unique and diverse Cruise Shore Excursions, individualized itineraries and the freedom and knowledge to go off on your own if you so choose.
Cruise Ship Companies such as Carnival, Disney, Celebrity, Norwegian, Princess, Holland American and Royal Caribbean, often only carry a few excursion options in Jamaica and utilize tour companies like us who is able to provide Cruise Shore Excursions for large groups and small groups of visitors coming to Jamaica. There are Cruise Excursions experts in Cruise Excursions and Shore Tours in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Falmouth Jamaica as we have the expertise, experience and resources to effectively execute excellent service to all our customers.
Post by Lloyd Campbell #MontegoBay, #Negril, #OchoRios, #OchoRios.#Falmouth, #airporttransfer  #Cruise #shoreexcursions, #jamaica

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I was prompted to write this article after reading an article about Montego bay, Jamaica by a well known site that offers information about destinations around the world.In my opinion the site misrepresented our market vendors in Jamaica. This is what was written about Montego Bay, "Be prepared to be pursued by aggressive vendors. Vendors selling a craft item may mean the difference between having a meal or going hungry, and that situation often leads to a feverish attempt to peddle goods to potential customers, all of whom are viewed as rich. Warning: Occasionally this harassment turns ugly or even violent, so watch your back if you decide to turn it on an angry vendor." 
I wish to dismiss this over exaggerated frivolous report and defend our market vendors in Montego Bay, Jamaica who I know to be decent people trying to make a living and certainly not resorting to any violent behavior. As a traveled person, I visited Hong Kong in the 90's and there at Stanley Market in Kowloon if you touch a Higgler's product you have to buy it, and if you don't buy it, you get cursed in Chinese. (not stereotyping this was just drawing inference from my personal experience to make a point.)
Now with that out of the way, let me give you some tips about shopping in Mobay. If you have time for only one shopping complex, make it Old Fort Craft Park, as the vendors handicrafts here are more varied in that you have the option of purchasing both souvenirs and more serious gift items. This shopping complex with over 200 market vendors are all licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), and is located along the Howard Cooke Boulevard. Here you are able to purchase wall hanging pictures, hand-woven straw items, and wood sculptures. There are also skilled vendors who can braid ladies hair. 
Another option is the the Crafts Market located near Harbour Street in downtown Mobay, you can find a good selection of hand-made souvenirs from Jamaica, these includes straw hats,bags, wooden platters, straw baskets, musical instruments, beads, carved objects, and wooden carved Rastafarians. 

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The beautiful island of Jamaica is renowned for its large plantations, which are a part of the country's rich history and legacy. This tour will enable you to explore the prize-winning Croydon Plantation, a working coffee and pineapple plantation located at the base of the Catadupa Mountains. On the tour you will have the opportunity to sample the delicious tropical fruits and enjoy a delicious Jamaican buffet surrounded by lush green mountains. This is one tour you won't want to miss during your vacation in Jamaica and one that we believe that you will truly enjoy. A must for nature lovers.

For further information on this tour and others we invite you to visit PPJTours website at #jamaica #jamaicatours #cruiseexcursions #montegobayexcursions #montegobay #montegobaydaytrip 

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Since I was a little boy growing up in Jamaica I heard the story about the two slaves who fell in love on a sugar plantation in St. Elizabeth in the village of Big Yard / Yardley which is  located along the South Coast of Jamaica. I am told the story goes that their plantation owner fell in love with the beautiful girl and planned to sell her so that he could have her to himself. Slaves were not free to love one another and so love was forbidden on the plantation.

The enslaved couple refusing to be separated fled the plantation however the the guards on their horses found out and a chase was ensued. They were both chased down to the edge of a steep cliff in the Santa Cruz Mountains regions. Having no possible means of escaping, sadly the lovers lept to their unplanned deaths. 

Article written by Lloyd Campbell

Tours can be book by Paradise Palms Jamaica to this beautiful and serene location. visit #saintelizabeths #jamaican #jamaicaculture #jamaicatours #excursiontours #jamaicaheritage

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Today we will look at a treasured location in Jamaica known as Treasure Beach which is located within the parish of St. Elizabeth. Treasure Beach is regarded in Jamaica as having some of the most friendliest, hardest working people on the island. My research on the area reveal that the locals in this area may have inherited their work ethics from the generations of fishermen and farmers who lived in this region long before them. The locals tells me that this sense of pride in their work and heritage allows living in the vicinity of Treasure Beach to welcome travelers to this region.

Let me give you a little backdrop on the history of the area. There is much documented historical evidence that the first residents of Treasure Beach were the Tainos Indians who came to the island of Jamaica approximately in 700 AD. These Tainos believed in the community living in a society in which women's tasks were to gather foodstuff and men has the easier tasks as fishermen, farmers and hunters. Sadly, the Tainos’ existence ended when they were captured and enslaved by the Spanish who came to Jamaica. Most Tainos died whilst been enslaved,  some were able to escape in boats and made it to parts of the Americas where you can still find remnants of Tainos communities. 

I am also told by a close friend of mine who is a Jamaican historian that  during the 1600s a Scottish ship sank offshore of the island and the survivors, made their home on the island. It came to pass in those days that  these people fraternized with the natives resulting  with offspring with lighter skin, blue and green eyes, and red and blond hair. This is why some St Elizabeth people are brown skin and men leave from all over Jamaica to "look" St. Bets girls.

Fishing is the major industry in Treasure Beach. Longtime residents will be able to tell you stories of several generations of fishermen dating back 200 years. A good number of the local fishermen make their living on the Cays, Farming is the region's next biggest industry. The parish of St. Elizabeth is dubbed “The Bread Basket of Jamaica” this is because they source Jamaica with a steady supply of grains.

Written by Lloyd Campbell. Please  make comments or share this article with your friends. #treasurebeach #jamaicatourism #jamaicaheritage #jamaicaculture #visitjamaica #beach #tourexcursions

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Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa has two large, spacious and airy lounge with two three piece suites (seats ten) where you can sit and relax with your friends  and family. We provide Satellite TV, Internet access with Free Wi Fi, DVD player, a music station and a library with assorted books and CD's. The lounge opens up to the large veranda, and there are two double doors to enter and exist. A telephone is provided for your convenience, incoming calls only.
Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa has a large large fitted and equipped kitchen available with a large fridge/freezer, microwave, large cooker with grill and oven, a toaster, kettle, blender, cutlery, glassware, an assortment of cooking utensils. You have the option to do your own cooking or to request the housekeeper Karen to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner for you, your friends and family.
Dining Room
There is large dining room to sit and eat or you can sit and enjoy your meals on the large veranda. Alternatively, if you prefer you can eat at the rear of the villa by the Bar-B-Que area. The dining room seats 6 persons comfortably and is located just across from the kitchen. As you can see from the picture the dining area is quite spacious and airy and you will still be able to have conversations with other guests who are in the lounge area.

There are four bedrooms available at Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa. 
Master Bedroom 1 sleeps 3 persons and is equipped with A/C and ceiling fan.
Bedroom 2 sleeps 2 persons and is equipped with aircon and ceiling fan.
Bedroom 3 sleeps 3 persons and is equipped with aircon and ceiling fan.
Bedroom 4 sleeps 1 person and  has no A/C, however has ceiling fan.

Master Bedroom 1 and 2 has its own en-suite bathrooms. Bedrooms 1, 2 and 3 are equipped with Air con, ceiling fans and free standing fans for your comfort. All bedrooms consist of bedside tables with lamps and clock radios and closets and chest of draws which are ideal for storing clothing and other personal items. There is also a deposit safe to secure your valuables.

There are three bathrooms, two of which are quite spacious. All bathrooms, both baths and showers) supply hot and cold water.  A hair dryer is provided for your convenience. We provide assorted towels with the exception of face flannels. All bathrooms are tastefully decorated and the decor complements the bedrooms. Each bathroom has cupboard storage space where you can store your toiletries. 

Laundry Room
There is a laundry room at the rear of bedroom number four which contains a washing machine. We provide a hanging line outside in the back garden and there are pegs provided. We also provide an iron and ironing board.

Outdoor facilities
One of the most beautiful features Paradise Palms Jamaica has is the architectural design of the building. It boasts high beam ceilings and a long veranda that runs the length of the property. It overlooks the community as well as the beautiful the Caribbean sea and pictureque sceneries. The verandah is where our guests say they relax and enjoy the serenity of the peaceful and pleasant surroundings.

There is ample off street parking for three cars and open space for children to play. There are various seasonal fruit trees and a display of colourful exotic plants and flowers. There is also an outdoors Bar-b-que should you wish to have some jerk pork, chicken or fish or have a few pints of beer with your friends and family. The property is gated and fitted with security cameras. Past guests say the feel very safe and secure during their stay here at the villa.

Environmentally Eco Friendly
We have invested in the use of Solar Renewable Energy and 100% of our hot water is heated with Solar and about 90% of our appliances and lights are powered by Solar energy. 
Our Staff
Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa is British owned by Mr & Ms Lloyd and Marcia Campbell. The operations are managed by our property manager Mr Murdock. He is responsible for ensuring that your stay runs smoothly.

Our housekeeper is Ms Karen and she is responsible for your induction to the property. She is also available for preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as any cleaning for a fee agreed with her for her services.

There is also our friendly gardener Junior who attends the property twice weekly does the landscaping of the property.


We are able to provide you with transportation from Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay on the day of your arrival, as well as on the day of your departure. 
We are also able to provide you with our JUTA licensed taxis, and mini-buses, which you can book and pay for throughout the duration of your stay.

For two persons there is a standard charge of US $30 / £20 and for any additional persons there is an extra charge of US$5 / £2.50
You can book your airport transfer on our Online Shop by just clicking on the link above.

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If you are renting your own car and require directions,  you can click on the above link to where we are located in Montego Bay as well as you can map your directions to the villa. 

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On our online blog, we try to capture the essence of Jamaica's cuisine, culture and people, as well as explaining why we believe  this island is so unique.

On our photo gallery we try give you  snapshots for you to be able to see what we have to offer at our vacation rental villa.

On our online shop you have the option to choose  your accommodation by rooms as well as how many guests will be staying.
You can also book your airport transfers here as well as tours and excursions around the island of Jamaica.

Rental Rates

 Our normal rate for 2 persons is £50 /US $80 per night. For any additional person there is an extra charge at the rate of £10 / US$15