Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Holland Bamboo is located on the South Coast main road between two districts in Jamaica, Middle Quarters and Lacovia. If you are travelling in this direction Bamboo Avenue is a fantastic place to stop and have an ice cold jelly coconut which you will find on sale by the roadside. If you need some Jamaican cuisine I recalled getting some lovely Roti and Curry from a small restaurant which is located nearby a school. Just a word of caution when driving through the avenue to be conscious of the 50 km/hr speed limit as police (Babylon) are always hiding among the bamboo trees and sometimes they just suddenly spring out on you expecting you to "grease their palms".

History or presumably rumor has it that the intricacy of bamboo canopy which is a 2.5 miles was planted in the late 17th century for the purpose of supplying material to the nearby Lacovia Manufacturing Company. It is thought that the bamboo fibre was used as a lubricant for car wheels and steamship engines. Although this company failed to take off,  the bamboo trees has survived until this day and remains a beautiful feature.

Middle Quarters is commonly known as the Pepper Shrimp capital of Jamaica, is located a few minutes drive away depending in what direction you are coming from and if you love spicy food, then I highly recommend you stopped by Middle Quarters. For all your tours and Transportation please visit PPJVilla at