Thursday, February 27, 2014


On my journey around Jamaica I am always intrigued to find out why the rural areas seem to lack resources whilst the urban areas seem to strive. My findings led me to believe that in the rural areas there are small scale ventures which seems to be limited mostly to agricultural products.As you are probably aware there are yearly hurricanes resulting in disaster. In my opinion, in order to combat the problem of the lack of sustainability of this sector (agriculture), Jamaica must begin to explore what I would refer to as rural industrialisation more thoroughly. 

I believe that this diversification of produce would possibly assist in increasing the resilience of the rural communities whilst increasing their contribution to Jamaica's Gross Domestic Product. This will subsequently help in reducing the levels of poverty which is evident and prevalent in  Jamaica's rural communities.

I urge my readers to consider the importance of this strategy as not simply rural development per se, however to consider the wider implication of  us working to improve the quality of life of the rural residents in Jamaica as well as having a complete transformation of areas. The nature of this transformation I believe would embody how these residents do business, the types of business, and the general attitude of policymakers towards the rural communities.

I conclude with the implementation of these strategies that in the next 50 years or so Jamaica's development could be monumental for our rural communities if we as a united nation make rural transformation a priority in Jamaica. Written  by Lloyd Campbell #jamaica #jamaicatours #jamaicaairporttransfers #jamaicaculture #ruraljamaica #jamaicaheritage For Tours and Transportation please visit . Visit our blog for other interested articles about #jamaica