Sunday, January 5, 2014

Benefits of choosing Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay over a Montego Bay Hotel

Although travelers are aware of the primary reasons of booking with Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay,  few truly realise the overwhelming benefits of staying with with us. A lot of this is down to not having the experience and if they never been, then I don't expect them to know.

Staying at Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay is about much more than a simple change of accommodation, as the extra space and privacy offers an abundance of possibilities. Whether you require some privacy, home away from home comforts or being able to stay connected, such an experience becomes more tempting when you look at the bigger picture when thinking of booking with us.

We value Your Privacy

The fact is ,Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay is your own space and no other guests are there sharing your kitchen or bathroom with you. You can choose to have a room to yourself and a living area to yourself. This means you don't wait in line for food at any of the Montego Bay hotels or have to deal with any receptionists all you have to do is just to get in and out when you feel like. Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay puts you in control, allowing you the full privacy to do as much or as little as you feel like. 

Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay also much better for groups, offering a combination of shared and singular privacy. You all have your own rooms or you can share however our communal spacious living space offers group socialising and a large space to relax at the end of a busy day.

Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay is ideal for  families so expect to be much more comfortable once you can actually walk around and stretch in your own comfort. Packing families into a hotel room is always stressful, due to limited space.  

Home Away from Home comforts

Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay also have the added benefit of bringing home comforts to your holiday. When comparing Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay to hotels, in a hotel you will be be forced to eat when the hotel serves food, again there is no flexibility. However, if you stay at our villa, this puts you back in your control and where you can keep your costs to a minimum and manage what you spend and this is what we mean when we say  it allows for the comfortable elements of being at home. 

When you stay with us we make you feel special and that you are on holiday, so making yourself at home is the least you should be able to do to. Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay also offer extra security and safety for families with children. You don’t have to worry about them wandering off on a large holiday complex as everything is located within the one place. 

Stay connected with friends and families

And of course, don't think that Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay is too remote. We are only approximately 8 minutes from  Downtown Mobay  and popular amenities such beach, bars, nightclub, banks, and supermarket. You make take a taxi just outside the gate or book with one of our drivers from Paradise Palms Jamaica Tours Also we have fast Internet Service WI FI at our Villa. So what are you waiting? If you are coming to Jamaica for a visit, for please visit our website Paradise Palms Jamaica Villa Montego Bay and book your villa in Montego Bay Jamaica.